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5000N.m Bolt torque coefficient testing machine

HY-5000N.m microcomputer control electronic torsion testing machine
Brief description of technical configuration
5000N.m Bolt torque coefficient testing machineMainly used for a variety of materials to reverse the performance test, increase the corresponding accessories can also be parts and components for torsional testing. If the microcomputer with small angle measuring device can accuray obtain the torsional elastic modulus (shear modulus G) and non-proportional stress (τp) and other test data. Is a quality inspection unit, college research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises necessary testing equipment. The machine adopts horizontal structure, the external high-quality plate gold high spray shell, transmission system using the drive loading system using Japan's Panasonic servo system control. Torque measurement using high-precision torque sensor, corner measurement using imported high-precision trial photoelectric encoder;
5000N.m Bolt torque coefficient testing machineThe software is my only company in the country based on the British ARM company 32Bit-ARM micro-processing structure, with 56MIPS high-speed, accurate data processing capabilities, sampling rate of about 100 times per second, the actual accuracy of 0.5 or more, control High-speed communication baud rate of 115.2kHz to make the data transmission faster; high-speed acquisition rate of instantaneous changes in the amount of acquisition more reliable; based on 32Bit-ARM (Figure) The microprocessor can easily achieve the death cycle control system can be measured torque and torque physical engineering test; in the test process can be given to any section to see the amplification test results and parameters, and shows any section in the process of the maximum torque, Such as GB, DIN, ISO, JIS, ASTM and other international and foreign standards to test and provide data; can automatically obtain the required indicators of the test. 1, the moment measurement range (N • M): 5000N.m
2, the relative error of torque measurement: ± 1%
3, the twist angle measurement range: 0-100000 ° (or infinite)
4, torque measurement relative error: ± 1% (actually up to ± 0.5% or more)
5, twist angle measurement relative error: ± 1% (actually up to ± 0.5% or more)
6, the relative error of angle measurement: ± 1% (actually up to ± 0.5% or more)
7, the relative angular velocity error: ± 0.5%
8, the maximum spacing between the chuck: 1500mm
9, torsion speed: 0-1000 ° / min
10, clamping sample size: Φ6mm-Φ32mm (also according to the sample to set)
11, the host size: about 2800 × 540 × 1250mm
12, power supply: three-phase 5KW
13, Weight: 1700KG
Second, the configuration:
1, 5000N.M host one;
2, West 5000N.M torque sensor 1 only
3, 5000N.M twist fixture 1 set
4, Tianjin XWECS58165B cycloid reducer one Taiwan
5, Japan Matsushita AC servo motor and servo system 1 set
6, customers with a computer printer.
7, Windows2000 platform under the Chinese version of the professional test software 1 set;


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