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Wire tension testing machine

HY - 3080 (the door) is usually used in electronic universal material testing machine in a single test within the frame of tensile or compressive static test mode. They are also known as the tensile testing machine, can carry out the test types include tensile, compression, shear, bending, peel, tear, circulation, and bending test. According to user requirements can be non-metallic materials of getting maximum strength, elastic modulus (E), Wire tension testing machinecompression strength, elongation at specified load, yield strength, etc. Yield strength of metal materials, proportion, total compression strength, compressive strength (pull) strength, elongation, etc.

Wire tension testing machineA, a typical sample: fine wire, plastic rubber fibers and fine lines, aluminum foil, copper foil, photovoltaic welding zone, solar panels, glass fiber reinforced plastic, biological materials, polymer materials, adhesives, packaging tapes, iv, stapling, foam materials, pharmaceutical industry, packaging, paper products elastic thin metal heat preservation sex wood material high strength wire parts fasteners, composite materials and so on.


Second, the main characteristics: (1) a full range of compact structure, high rigid double column framework (can be customized double space)

(2) is a maintenance free world first-class Japanese panasonic servo motors and drives a set.

(3) the precision of pre-tightening load two root imported high precision ball screw.

(4) two-way automatic identification function of the United States imported high-precision tension and compression load sensor.

(5) a multinational language, unit can switch Numbers a set of open loop or closed loop controller.

(6), a fast and convenient operation of the portable remote control.


Three, technical parameters:


Product specifications: HY - 3080 (gantry)

2. The level of accuracy: 0.5 on the Richter scale (within)

3. The rated load: 1 n 5 n 10 20 n n 50 n, 100 n, 200 n, 500 n, 1000 n, 2000 n, 3000 n, 5000 n 10 kn 30 kn (can match more than) 20 kn

4. Effective load range: 0.1/100-*;

5. Test force resolution, maximum load + 500000 yards; Don't step inside and outside, and the entire resolution remains the same.

6. Effective test width: 380 mm (can be widened) according to the sample

7. Effective test space: 800 mm (can be raised according to the sample)

8. Speed: test: 0.001 to 500 mm/min (arbitrary adjustable)

9. Speed precision: within the plus or minus 0.5% of value;

10. The displacement measurement accuracy: the value for + / - 0.5%;

11. The deformation measurement precision: within the plus or minus 0.5% of value;

12. The stress rate control range: 0.005% ~ 6% FS/S

13. Stress: accuracy of rate control rate < 0.05% FS/S, for the value of + / - 1%; Rate of 0.05% FS/S, or for the set value plus or minus 0.5%;

14. The strain rate control range: 0.002% ~ 6% FS/S

15. The strain accuracy of rate control: rate < 0.05% FS/S, for the value of + / - 2%; Rate of 0.05% FS/S, or for the set value plus or minus 0.5%;

16. Constant force/displacement/deformation measuring range: 0.5% ~ * FS

17. The constant force/displacement/deformation measurement precision: value < 10% FS, for the set value within + / - 1%; Set point or 10% FS, value plus or minus 0.1%;

18. Try lifting gear machine: two kinds of speed control, faster/slower can point to move;

19. Try machine safety devices: electronic limit protection

20. Try Taiwan return: manual return to test the initial position can be the highest speed, automatic can automatically return at the end of the test;

21. The fixed time automatic stop test, the deformation of auto parking, test load automatic parking

22. The overload protection: more than 10% when the maximum load, automatic protection;

23. The automatic diagnosis function, timing measurement system, driving system for overload, over voltage, over current, overload, such as inspection, abnormal situation immediate protection

24. Power: 750 w

25. The host weight: 180 kg

26. The power supply voltage: 220 v (single phase)

27. Host size: 700 * 420 * 1510 mm


Four, options:

(1) instrument luxury workbench

(2) luxury cover a set of instrument

(3) the large deformation and plastic rubber material (test) and electronic (metal materials) measurement extensometer

(4) tension clamp compression three point bending fixture Four-point bending fixture shear clamp stripping clamp tear sag hardness T slot machines

(5) the dell brand computers and 23 inch monitor

(6) color HP inkjet printer

(7) Shanghai metrological verification certificate 

 If you are interested in HY-3080Wire tension testing machine and want to know more detailed product information, please fill in the following form and contact the manufacturer directly:

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