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300KN computer control electronic universal testin

HY-30080 (gated) electronic universal testing machine is usually used in a single test rack to achieve the tensile or compression of the static test mode. They are also known as tensile testing machines. The types of tests that can be carried out include stretching, compression, shearing, flexing, peeling, tearing, cycling and bending tests. The maximum strength, elasticity of the nonmetallic material can be obtained according to the user's requirements Modulus (E), constant compression strength, constant load elongation, yield strength and so on. Metal material yield strength, non-proportional strength, total compressive strength, compression (pull) strength, elongation and so on.

300KN computer control electronic universal testing machineFirst, the typical sample: plastic film rubber fine metal wire, fiber and thin wire, aluminum foil, copper foil, photovoltaic ribbon, solar panels, biological materials, polymer materials, adhesives, packing belt, infusion tube, stapler Foam, material, packaging, paper products elastic wood products thin metal insulation materials high-strength wire, 5mm thick galvanized steel, auto parts, automotive interior parts, fasteners wire rope, weld, welding strength compound Materials and so on.

S300KN computer control electronic universal testing machineecond, the main features: (1) a full set of compact, high rigidity of the double column frame (can be customized double space)
              (2) maintenance-free world-class Japanese Panasonic servo motor and a set of drives.
              (3) precision preload load imported high-precision ball screw two.
              (4) automatic identification of the United States imported high-precision tension and compression two-way load sensor.
              (5) multi-language, unit switchable digital open-loop or closed-loop controller set.
              (6) convenient and quick operation of a portable remote control.

g machineThird, the technical parameters:

1. Product specifications: HY-30080 (gantry type)
2. Accuracy class: 0.5 (within)
3. Rated load: 1N 5N 10N 20N 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N 3000N 5000N 10KN 20KN 50KN 100KN 200KN 300KN (can be equipped with more than just)
4. Effective force range: 0.1 / 100-*;
5. Test force resolution, the maximum load ± 500000 yards; both inside and outside the file, and the whole resolution unchanged.
6. Effective test width: 600mm (according to the sample widened)
7. Effective test space: 800mm (according to the sample heightened)
8. Test speed: 0.001 ~ 500mm / min (any tune)
9. Speed ??accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indication;
10. Displacement measurement accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indication;
11. Deformation measurement accuracy: the value of ± 0.5% or less;
12. Stress control rate range: 0.005% ~ 6% FS / S
13. Stress rate accuracy: rate <0.05% FS / S, the set value within ± 1%; rate ≥ 0.05% FS / S, the set value within ± 0.5%
14. Strain rate range: 0.002% ~ 6% FS / S
15. Strain rate accuracy: within ± 2% of the set value when the rate is <0.05% FS / S; ± 0.5% of the set value when the rate is ≥0.05% FS / S;
16. Constant force / displacement / deformation Measuring range: 0.5% to * FS
17. Constant force / displacement / deformation measurement accuracy: set value <10% FS, the set value within ± 1%; set value ≥ 10% FS, the set value within ± 0.1%
18. Test bench lifting device: fast / slow two kinds of speed control, can be jog;
19 Test bench safety device: electronic limit protection
20. Test bench return: manual can be the highest speed to return to the initial test position, automatically after the end of the test automatically return;
twenty one. Test fixed time automatic parking, test set deformation automatic parking, test fixed load automatic parking
twenty two. Overload protection: automatic protection over 10% of maximum load;
23. Automatic diagnostic function, the timing of the measurement system, the drive system overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and other checks, abnormal circumstances immediay to protect
twenty four. Power supply: 3000W
25. Host weight: 1250kg
26. Power supply voltage: 380V (single phase)
27. Host size: 1000 * 680 * 2300mm
g machineFourth, the optional accessories:
 (1) Instrument luxury table
 (2) a set of luxury protective cover
 (3) large deformation (measured plastic rubber material) and electronic extensometer (measured metal material)
 (4) Tensile clamps Compression jigs Three-point bending fixtures Four-point bending fixtures Shear fixtures Stripping clamps Tearing clamps Punching hardness T fi-T
 (5) Dell branded computer and 23 inch monitor
 (6) color HP inkjet printer
 (7) Shanghai metrological verification certificate

 If you are interested in HY-30080300KN computer control electronic universal testin and want to know more detailed product information, please fill in the following form and contact the manufacturer directly:

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