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20KN microcomputer controlled tensile testing mach

HY-2080 (door) electronic universal material testing machine is usually used in a single test frame to achieve tensile or compression static test mode. They are also known as tensile testing machine can test types include tensile, compression, shear, bending, peeling, tearing, and cyclic bending test. According to user requirements for maximum strength and elastic modulus of the non-metallic materials (E), compression strength, load elongation and yield strength. The yield strength, non proportional strength, total compressive strength, compressive strength, tensile strength, elongation, etc..

一、20KN microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine典型试样:塑料薄膜 橡胶 细金属丝,纤维和细线,铝箔, 铜箔 ,光伏焊带, 太阳能电池板 , 生物材料,高分子材料,粘合剂,打包带,输液管,吻合器 ,泡沫材料、医药行业,包装,纸产品 弹性性 木制品 薄金属 保温材料 高强度金属丝 部件 紧固件 复合材料等等。

A typical sample: plastic film, rubber fine wire, fiber and fine lines, aluminum foil, copper foil, PV ribbon, solar panels, biological materials, polymer materials, adhesive, packing tape, infusion tube, stapler, foam materials, pharmaceutical industry, packaging, paper products, wood products of elastic thin metal insulation material with high strength the metal wire fastener composite parts etc..

二、20KN microcomputer controlled tensile testing machine主要特点:(1)全套结构紧凑、高刚性的双柱框架(可订制双空间)

Two, the main features: (1) a full set of compact, high rigidity of the double column frame (can be customized double space)


(2) maintenance free world class Japanese Panasonic servo motor and drive set.


(3) precision preload load imported high-precision ball screws.


(4) automatic identification of the function of the United States imported high-precision pressure pull bi-directional load sensor.


(5) a set of digital open loop or closed loop controllers for multi languages and units.


(6) a portable remote controller with convenient operation.


Three, technical parameters:

1. 产品规格: HY-2080(龙门式)

1 product specification: HY-2080 (Longmen)

2. 精度等级: 0.5级(以内)

2 accuracy level: level 0.5 (within)

3. 额定负荷: 1N 5N 10N 20N 50N 100N 200N 500N 1000N 2000N 3000N 5000N 10KN 20KN(可配多只)

3 rated load: 1N 5N 20N 50N 200N 500N 1000N 3000N 5000N 10KN 20KN (with more than only) in (100N)

4. 有效测力范围:0.1/100-*;

4 effective force range: 0.1/100-*;

5. 试验力分辨率,zui大负荷±500000码;内外不分档,且全程分辨率不变。

5 test force resolution, maximum load + 500000 yards; internal and external files, and the whole process of constant resolution.

6. 有效试验宽度:380mm(可根据样品加宽)

6 effective test width: 380mm (according to sample widening)

7. 有效试验空间:800mm(可根据样品加高)

7 effective test space: 800mm (can be increased according to the sample)

8. 试验速度::0.001~500mm/min(任意调)

8 test speed::0.001~500mm/min (optional)

9. 速度精度:示值的±0.5%以内;

9 speed accuracy: display value of less than 0.5%;


10 displacement measurement accuracy: the value of 0.5% or less;


11 deformation measurement accuracy: the value of 0.5%;

12.应力控速率范围: 0.005%~6%FS/S

12 stress rate range: 0.005% ~ 6%FS/S

13.应力控速率精度: 速率<0.05%FS/S时,为设定值的±1%以内;速率≥0.05%FS/S时,为设定值的±0.5%以内;

13 stress controlled rate accuracy rate: less than 0.05%FS/S, less than the set value + 1%; the rate is not less than 0.05%FS/S, less than the set value + 0.5%;

14.应变控速率范围: 0.002%~6%FS/S

14 strain rate range: 0.002% ~ 6%FS/S

15.应变控速率精度: 速率<0.05%FS/S时,为设定值的±2%以内;速率≥0.05%FS/S时,为设定值的±0.5%以内;

15 strain rate accuracy rate control is less than 0.05%FS/S, less than the set value + 2%; the rate is not less than 0.05%FS/S, less than the set value + 0.5%;

16. 恒力/位移/变形测量范围:0.5%~100%FS

16 constant force / displacement / deformation measurement range: 0.5% ~ *FS

17.恒力/位移/变形测量精度:设定值<10%FS时, 为设定值的±1%以内; 设定值≥10%FS时, 为设定值的±0.1%以内;

The measurement precision deformation of 17 constant force / displacement /: set value is less than 10%FS, less than the set value + 1%; set value greater than or equal to 10%FS, less than the set value + 0.1%;


18 test bench lifting device: fast / slow two speed control, can move;


19 test bench safety device: electronic limit protection


20 test bench to return: the maximum speed can be manually returned to the initial position of the test, automatic test can be automatically returned after the end of the test;


21 the test time automatically stops, the test deformation automatically stop, test load automatic stop


22 overload protection: automatic protection over 10% of maximum load;

23. 自动诊断功能,定时对测量系统、驱动系统进行过载、过压、过流、超负荷等检查,出现异常情况立即进行保护

23 automatic diagnostic function, timing of the measurement system, the drive system overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and other checks, abnormal situation immediay to protect

24.电源功率: 750W

24 power supply: 750W

25.主机重量: 180kg

25 host weight: 180kg

26. 电源电压: 220V(单相)

26 power supply voltage: 220V (Dan Xiang)

27. 主机尺寸:700*420*1510mm

27 host size: 700*420*1510mm


Four, the selection of accessories:


(1) luxury working table


(2) a set of luxury protective cover


(3) large deformation (plastic rubber material) and electronic extensometer (metal material)

(4)拉伸夹具 压缩夹具 三点弯曲夹具 四点弯曲夹具 剪切夹具 剥离夹具 撕裂夹具 压陷硬度夹具 T型槽台

(4) tensile fixture compression fixture three point bending fixture fixture of the four point bending fixture shear fixture peeling fixture clamping indentation hardness fixture T type trough


(5) DELL brand computer and 23 inch display


(6) color HP inkjet printer


(7) Shanghai metrology certification

 If you are interested in HY-208020KN microcomputer controlled tensile testing mach and want to know more detailed product information, please fill in the following form and contact the manufacturer directly:

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